any other organisation

  1. if you're a generic profit based company, society, etc, that's registered with government (like ministry of corporate affairs, registrar of companies, etc), like as proprietor, llp, private or public limited company, government organisation, etc, then
  2. sikone would love to
  3. create, develop, and maintain your basic i-t infrastructure with
  4. very inexpensive pricing
  5. you need not to buy
    1. no hardware
    2. no software
    3. no staff, etc
  6. yet all your basic i-t infrastructure needs will be resolved
  7. this includes
    1. your website
    2. online company directory, your new phone will have all contacts in minutes
    3. this directory can be shared with others in your company
    4. company email
    5. youtube channel
    6. company social pages like on
      1. facebook
      2. twitter
    7. maintaining these pages
    8. youtube video channel
    9. company blog, podcast, etc
    10. your company's business online profile
      1. public contact details, like phone, email, etc so that people can reach you easily
      2. gps location, so that people can reach your office easily
    11. support of these on your smartphone
    12. training you how to use them in your smartphone
    13. automatic synchronizing company info between online i-t infrastructure and your smartphone, like directory, docs, mails
    14. online marketing using email, fb,
    15. etc..
  8. extra services with inexpensive price
    1. basic services are for one company user account only.. supporting more users will cost extra
    2. editing
      1. image
      2. audio
      3. video.. etc
    3. extra online training
    4. online work like
      1. registration company at mcs
      2. digital signature certificate (dsc) processing
      3. niti-ayog
      4. fcra
      5. etc..
    5. online project related work like
      1. research
      2. planning
      3. development
      4. online execution
      5. monitoring
      6. auditing
    6. converting
      1. audio messages to text
      2. images to text
      3. audio file formats
      4. video file formats
    7. creating, modifying, processing documents
      1. presenation
      2. word documents
      3. spreadsheet
    8. scripting
    9. automation
    10. etc..