article of association

as per table -f of companies act 2013, referenced here 


sikone infotech (opc) private limited,

a company limited by shares


article i

share capital and variation of rights

article 1

subject to the provisions of the act and these articles, the shares in the capital of the company shall be under the control of the directors who may issue, allot or otherwise dispose of the same or any of them to such persons, in such proportion and on such terms and conditions and either at a premium or at par and at such time as they may from time to time think fit.

article 2

article 3

article 4

except as required by law, no person shall be recognised by the company as holding any share upon any trust, and the company shall not be bound by, or be compelled in any way to recognise (even when having notice thereof) any equitable, contingent, future or partial interest in any share, or any interest in any fractional part of a share, or (except only as by these regulations or by law otherwise provided) any other rights in respect of any share except an absolute right to the entirety thereof in the registered holder.

article 5

article 6

article 7

the rights conferred upon the holders of the shares of any class issued with preferred or other rights shall not, unless otherwise expressly provided by the terms of issue of the shares of that class, be deemed to be varied by the creation or issue of further shares ranking pari passu therewith.

article 8

subject to the provisions of section 55, any preference shares may, with the sanction of an ordinary resolution, be issued on the terms that they are to be redeemed on such terms and in such manner as the company before the issue of the shares may, by special resolution, determine.


article 9

article 10

the company may sell, in such manner as the board thinks fit, any shares on which the company has a lien:

provided that no sale shall be made --

article 11

article 12

call on shares

article 13

article 14

a call shall be deemed to have been made at the time when the resolution of the board authorizing the call was passed and may be required to be paid by instalments.

to be continued....