open-work has now moved to khulke foundation

following is kept for future reference only, and information may be obsolete

  1. sikone is presently involved into a humanitarian project of human's transparent participation
  2. we call it open-work
  3. we're working with others to develop an online system, where
  4. any verified resident can openly express problems and solutions
  5. and help in decision making
  6. for groups of any
    1. size, be it local, state, national, international,
    2. type, be it governmental, non-governmental, civic, company (public or private or else), religious, informal, formal, etc..
  7. sikone provides its part resources for this project
  8. we're presently doing a feasibility study inspired from following
    2. uk petition system
    3. net party
    4. us petition system
    5. feasibility study done by sikone founder with others
  9. group itself follows
    1. openness: all our activities, discussions, aims, achievements, failures, etc are and will be open
    2. verified identity: google profile/mail will be required to join.. in future we'll make it aadhaar or other efficient verified identity
    3. participation: we welcome all to join.. we've strict focused communication policy and those not following would kindly be removed.. participation inside the group is liberal where group hierarchies and resources (manage, authorize, etc) are highly decentralized, and members are given almost all access and privileges
  10. people presently involved are
    1. tulasi
    2. raza
    3. vishal
    4. suman
  11. to view, join, post and take part please click here
  12. if you are undergraduate, post-graduate, or research scholar and like to join then also check our direct-remote-internship
  13. if you would like to know more or join feel free to contact sikone