1. open-work is being transformed into a new non-profit company
  2. with additional vision, project stream, timeline, etc.. and
  3. based on civic-tech, participation, and transparency
  4. we're presently 4 expected male directors.
    1. dominic.. from kerala.. presently in riyadh.. i-t professional and anti-corruption activist
    2. tulasi (jadavpur uni m.tech. in computer science and engineering, and 20 yrs of experience, presently in bengaluru.. worked in ibm, oracle)
    3. dinesh.. presently in united states for 10 years.. into artificial intelligence
    4. suman.. details..
  5. and..
  6. are looking for a female director
  7. the work is
    1. remote and part time..
    2. expects about 7 hours per week commitment,
    3. no-financial returns for first few months until we together makes the venture financially viable and independent..
    4. organisation aims to
      1. make anyone (resident , citizen , voter, etc), or any group (company, religious, non-religious, party, formal , informal, etc.) associated with india, to participate together in transparent manner using advance tech to resolve human problems
      2. first such problem that we'll tackle using our system is corruption

if you're or know a female, between 18-80 years, who has strong interest in

    1. organised systems,
    2. participation of all humans together,
    3. internal and external transparency or open systems, and
    4. technology

then please do get in touch soon by emailing at hi@sik.one, or whatsapp, or phone to +917002397466