1. money back satisfaction guarantee within 30 days
  2. terminate anytime...
  3. ...with your resources preserved, so that
  4. you can resume services later, say after 6 months
  5. our basic service plan is for indian rupee 500 per month.. and
  6. includes basic online i-t infrastructure for your organisation
  7. this includes creating, developing, and maintaining your organisation's all basic online i-t resources: website, email, documentation, twitter, facebook, youtube....
  8. details here
  9. you can start right now by paying
    1. using upi to sikone@sbi
    2. or paying here
    3. or using other methods to bank account
  10. and contact us for more
  11. we also offer economical charges for additional work like managing more users, advance services
  12. extra charges for different services will be published soon
  13. you may also send quarterly, half yearly, and annual payments either by upi (details above) or clicking respective link